Is there a palpable disquiet now about Brexit?

The last moment of triumphant glory for Theresa May and the Brexiteers will be when she brandishes her A50 letter, quite possibly at the meeting of the European Council next month in Brussels. It will no doubt be accompanied by a “will of the British people to leave the European Union, but we’re not leaving Europe, and we want to be friends with you, even if we won’t be contributing any longer” speech.

And from that moment onwards it’s a downhill trajectory for Brexit. Are people now getting worried about Brexit?

May gets the go-ahead to run rampage

The Prime Minister is given carte blanche mandate from Parliament to go for whatever ruinous Brexit she wants. People put their safety and careers on the line to bring these courts cases to give Parliament, many more donated to help the cause. Most MPs just rolled over and put their own careers before the disaster that they know is Brexit. Unforgivable.

No MP veto on Brexit deal

Hardly a surprise, but still bitterly disappointing that Britain will be forced to accept whatever meagre deal May and her Brexit team manage to negotiate with the EU.

This is not democracy rather a small cadre of senior ministers steamrolling though a hard Brexit that there was never a mandate for.