Post Brexit / Moving Forward

Key events that led to EU Referendum
The Irish Times view on post-Brexit diplomacy: the price of being outside the room
Katy Balls: ‘It would be Brexit part 2’: Why the Tories think another European referendum could save them
Jonathan Freedland: With even leavers regretting Brexit, there’s one path back to rejoining the EU
Dharshini David: Is Brexit behind the UK's inflation shock?
Martin Kettle: Brexit was Johnson and Johnson was Brexit. Now that he has gone, Britain must think again
Adam Bienkov: Brexit has failed so take us back into the EU, say voters
Lisa O'Carroll: Lords urge Braverman to protect rights of vulnerable British citizens in the EU
Nick Gutteridge: EU rubbishes Keir Starmer’s big idea to ‘improve’ Brexit
The Observer view on Brexit: Tories are paying the price for their dishonesty
Lisa O'Carroll: Defence, travel, science: how post-Brexit relations could warm further
Lisa O'Carroll: EU leaders set out hopes for post-Brexit relations with Britain
Rafael Behr: Red wall Brexiters will be the ‘hero voters’ of the next election. The rest of us are just walk-on players
David Wallace-Wells: Empire unravels: UK’s cautionary tale of self-destruction
Professor John Curtice: Soft or hard Brexit? Depends on how you ask us - UK in a changing Europe
Stewart Lee: Brexit has reversed the brains of Sunak and Starmer
Will Hayward: Eight claims about Brexit which have proved totally untrue
Gideon Rachman: Brexit could be reversed — here’s how
Nesrine Malik: Britain was sick before Brexit. Until the left accepts that, the likes of Liz Truss won’t give up
EU Soon to No Longer Stamp Passports of Third-Country Nationals Entering Schengen
Ian Dunt: Brexit will join Suez and Iraq in the great pantheon of catastrophic British errors
Paul Waugh: Sunak should be honest that Brexit could make the economic pain of 2023 even worse
Phil: Burying the Second Referendum
William Keegan: Brexit is just one of the three Tory errors that have brought Britain to its knees
Guardian letters: There’s no point hoping for honesty about Brexit
Michael Jacobs: A Keir Starmer government might be more radical than you think
David Hencke: British Firms Spend Less on Skills Retraining After Brexit
John Harris: The wreckage of Brexit is all around us. How long can our politicians indulge in denial?
Anthea Simmons: 2023: time for anger to be channelled and truth to triumph
Gail Conway: 1973-2023: How joining the EU has changed Ireland
Gaslighting Gilligan: The Real Last UK Colony: The English Working Masses
umair haque: How Britain Became the Dumbest Society in the World
Michaela Benson, Elena Zambelli, Nando Sigona: Four ways Brexit and the loss of free movement have made life harder for mixed British-European families
Leo Cendrowicz: The EU has moved on, but Britain remains trapped in a doom cycle over Brexit
Matthew Goodwin: Brexit regrets? Britain has a few
Kiran Stacey: Labour targets new swing voter ‘middle-aged mortgage man’
Aditya Chakrabortty,: Here’s the essential skill for assessing our politics: knowing the difference between lies and bullshit
AC Grayling,: Held Ransom by the ‘Blue-Eyed Babies’ of Sovereignty & Elective Dictatorship, What’s Our Escape?
Toby Helm, Michael Savage and David Barnett,: ‘We didn’t vote for this’: anger over Brexit failures is haunting the Tories
Julia Buckley,: How the UK became the sick man of European tourism
Hardeep Matharu: The Brexit Trap: How the UK Became A Prisoner of Its Own Mistake
Mark Brown, Josh Halliday and Robyn Vinter: ‘This lot? No way’: what ‘red wall’ voters think now of Johnson, the Tories and Labour
William Keegan: Infamy, infamy … the Brexit legions have still got it in for Sunak
ntv: Großbritannien raus aus Top Ten deutscher Handelspartner
Jonathan Freedland: The reality of Brexit is biting hard. Poor people are suffering most – and now everyone can see it
Ian McConnell: Keir Starmer must raise head above red wall and see reality of Brexit
Nolan Jazimreg: Brexit’s 6 Ws and how the wealthy British elite always gets what it wants!
Martin Wolf: UK government needs to stop doing stupid stuff around Brexit
Denis Macshane: Britain’s ‘Swiss-style relationship’ with the EU is a fantasy
Aubrey Allegretti and Lisa O'Carroll: Hardline Brexiters voice fears over reports of Swiss-style EU deal
Andrew Marr: Jeremy Hunt’s political balancing act won’t satisfy an angry public
Jonathan Freedland: A stark lesson for Keir Starmer from the budget: the Tories won’t just lose, you have to beat them
Phillip Inman: Decline of UK manufacturing accelerates as government ‘abandons’ sector
David Mitchell: Labour should reverse on not reversing Brexit
Michael Savage: Most Britons think country has lost control of its border since Brexit: poll
Serina Sandhu: UK recession: What went wrong for the economy, from Brexit and Covid to Russia’s war in Ukraine
Sebastian Whale and Graham Lanktree: Where Britain went wrong
Adam Bienkov: The Truth About Brexit that Westminster is Too Scared to Mention
Richard Wolffe: Oh, Britain: the chasm between myth and reality keeps on growing
Matthew Parris: What everyone knows but no one says about Brexit
The Guardian view on Rishi Sunak’s government: united by ideas that have failed
Derek Thompson: How the U.K. Became One of the Poorest Countries in Western Europe
Timothy Garton Ash: It’s the beginning of the Sunak era – and the end of Britain’s Brexitist delusions
Phillip Inman: Brexit isn’t working, and Labour must be honest about it with Britain’s electorate
Naomi Davies: Brexit, two years on – so far, so bad
Claire Jones: ‘Broken Britain’ – Our Dysfunctional Dystopia
Stryker McGuire: Economy in crisis, Tories in meltdown: how I have told the sad, strange story of Britain
Adam Bienkov: Liz Truss’ Economic ‘Shock Doctrine’ Is Pushing the UK to the Brink
Julian Borger: Queen’s death deepens UK’s downward spiral in global arena, US observers say
John Harris: Spiralling inflation, crops left in the field and travel chaos: 10 reasons Brexit has been disastrous for Britain
Nesrine Malik: Only a country as complacent as the UK could give up its border privilege so easily
Simon Jenkins: There is one man to blame for the lorries backed up in Dover: Boris Johnson
Chris Grey: Suffocating unreality
William Keegan: Starmer’s tough line on Brexit made Johnson expendable to Leavers
Anne Applebaum: What Brexit Did to Boris Johnson—And Britain
Nick Cohen: Stab-in-the-back: the nasty old myth that Brexiters are exploiting to explain away the disaster
Jack Peat: Sir James Dyson urges Brits to be ‘patient’ with Brexit benefits
Ivan Rogers: Why even the Brexiteers are in despair over Brexit
Stella Creasy: Labour must break party’s silence on Brexit, says Stella Creasy
Finn McRedmond: Brexit may be a bust but British carpets will have never been cleaner
Peter Kellner: The Hollowness of Global Britain
Jointy Bloom: The bandwidth bandit
Rafael Behr: Reality check: the Northern Ireland protocol isn’t the problem, Brexit is
David Hencke: UK Regulators ‘Fumbling in Dark’ After Brexit
Lisa O'Carroll: Three ways EU could respond to UK ditching Northern Ireland protocol
Simon Tisdall: Boris Johnson is using Ukraine crisis to launch a British comeback in Europe
Lisa O'Carroll: How the UK may try to override the Northern Ireland Brexit protocol
Stephen Collins: Stakes are high as Boris Johnson once again puts himself first
Sam Bright: ‘Brexit Freedoms Bill’ Can’t Reverse What We’ve Already Lost
John FitzGerald: Extent of UK economy’s damage from Brexit has been masked
Eoin Drea: Brexit lessons forgotten in EU drive to deeper integration
Jon Henley: ‘Embarrassed to be British’: Brexit study reveals impact on UK citizens in EU
Philip Collins: Brexit isn’t merely pointless ⁠— it is failing on its own terms
Annabelle Dickson, Vincent Manancourt and Samuel Stolton: Distractions plague UK’s post-Brexit tech plan
David Knopfler: Fictitious times and magical thinking
Hardeep Matharu: BACKWARDS BRITAIN Having Rejected a European Future, We Can Only Hark Back to an Imperial Past
Helena: Whataboutism & Why It Needs to Stop in Social Justice Activism
TruePublica: Brexit: MPs report – trade deals won’t deliver any ‘actual economic benefits’
Haroon Siddique : Are the P&O Ferries mass sackings a result of Brexit?
Andrew Marr: Britain cannot continue behaving as though Europe ceased to exist after Brexit
EIAG: Two years after Brexit and one year into the Trade & Co-operation Agreement
William Keegan: Brexit didn’t just cost us money: it deprived us of solidarity in a crisis
Richard Wyn Jones: How Brexit has changed our national identities and attitudes towards devolution in Wales
Court of Justice of the European Union: Ruling on British nationals
Simon Jenkins: The evidence is all around us: life outside the single market is an utter disaster
William Keegan: How much longer do we have to pretend that Brexit might work?
Jon Stone: Brexit benefits: What are the opportunities Keir Starmer and Jacob Rees-Mogg are talking about?
Phil: The Class Politics of Levelling Up Failure
George Monbiot: Johnson’s ‘Brexit freedoms bill’ won’t set us free. But it will reward his supporters
Alexandra Hall Hall: Global Britain or Lonely Britain?
Sam Bright: Hollow Monuments The Reality of Boris Johnson’s Levelling Up Plan
Chris Grey: ‘Fundamentally Meaningless’ The Government's Brexit Benefits Paper
UK Gov: The benefits of Brexit (sic)
Anand Menon: Covid has been an easy scapegoat for economic disruption, but Brexit is biting
Brexit helps increase foreign business investment in Flanders
Andra Maciuca: Italian who held top university rank explains why he left UK after Brexit
Richard Hall: The government is doing massive damage to farming
Anthony Robinson: Voices: High anxiety spreads in the Brexit camp
Jack Peat: Voices: Vote Leave’s dark ads shame: UK steel set to suffer from EU’s tariff-free agreement with US
John Rentoul: Voices: Brexiteers are fighting among themselves – exactly what Boris Johnson doesn’t need
Alasdair Sandford: A year since Brexit: How bad are the UK's labour shortages now?
Martin Waller: 2022 – a year of Betrayal and Blame
Richard Partington: ‘Perfect storm’: a look back at a tumultuous year of Brexit and Covid
Lisa O'Carroll:: Brexit: ‘the biggest disaster any government has ever negotiated’
Toby Helm: Brexit one year on: so how’s it going?
Faisal Islam: Brexit: One year on, the economic impact is starting to show
Gabriele Bonafede: One year of Brexit disasters. And this is just the beginning
Alec Herron: EU Citizens face dysfunctional settlement schemed
Sue Wilson MBE: Brexit oven-ready deal has been de-Frosted
Newton Emerson: New UK plan for visa waivers is no big deal
William Keegan: Fighting byelections or Brexit, the rule is the same: don’t give up
Phil: Why *That Party* Matters
Jennifer Rankin: Brexit would be better for UK workers, Boris Johnson promised. But will it?
Ann Moody: Macron calls Johnson a clown who regrets Brexit
Anthony Robinson: Leading Brexit advocates notice the shine has come off it
Jun Du, Oleksandr Shepotylo: Post Brexit services: winners and losers
IrishCentral Staff: British govt. has no idea Irish Americans despise Brexit British diplomat says
Paul Waugh: The Channel crossing tragedy shows Brexit Britain still relies on European cooperation
Rafael Behr: For Brexiters who dreamed of taking back control, France is too close for comfort
John Harris: A Conservative party divided is one more unintended consequence of Brexit
Sue Wilson MBE: Lords debate the Brexit impact on food, the environment, energy and health
Anthony Robinson: Brexit has become the Conservative Party’s sacred cow
Sue Wilson MBE: How do you ‘Make Brexit Work’?
Julia Buckley: How the UK became the sick man of European tourism
Diane Taylor: Brexit has made it easier for small boat crossings to reach UK, refugees say
Polly Toynbee: A Brexit trade war with the EU could backfire on Boris Johnson
Simon Jenkins: Northern Ireland is the loser in Boris Johnson’s badly played Brexit game
Anthony Robinson: Article 16: is Britain to become a rule breaker or a rule taker?
Hania Orszulik: United in purpose; divided in fear
Nick Cohen: The Tories’ big idea for staying in power? Endless conflict with the EU
Paul Newberry: “Brexit: the necessary exorcism of the ghost of Empire” – an aerospace engineer’s perspective
Zoe Williams: What does a stream of raw sewage symbolise? Broken Brexit promises, for one
Anna Girolami: Shit creek – Britain’s supply chain crisis is polluting our rivers Anna Girolami
Borzou Daragahi: You are on your own: Why exasperated Europe is happy to let Britain deal with its Brexit mess
Joyce Quin: Northern Irish trade: Brexit breaks it
Patrick Butler: British leavers and remainers as polarised as ever, survey finds
Diane Taylor: Brexit and UK immigration policy ‘increasing risks to trafficking victims’
John Harris: The gap between reckless Brexit promises and reality will soon be too big to ignore
Naomi O’Leary: EU’s Brexit compromise a love letter to Northern Ireland'
Lisa O'Carroll: Lord Frost: failure to rip up NI protocol would be 'historic misjudgment'
Anthony Robinson: Britain heads for final showdown with Brussels over Northern Ireland protocol
Ronny Ikpoto: How UK Fuel Crisis Prefigures Rejoiners Post Brexit Warning
John Crace: Tetchy Boris tries to play down shortages as bumps on the Brexit road
Miles Brignall: Roaming charges return: how will the dreaded charge affect UK travellers?
Gaby Hinsliff: The UK’s petrol crisis is just a taste of a more jittery, uncertain future
Hanna Ziady: Boris Johnson's Brexit choices are making Britain's fuel and food shortages worse
Kate Plummer: Everything that has gone wrong due to Brexit in the last week alone
Jonn Elledge: Whatever happened to Brexit’s sunlit uplands?
Lizzy Burden: Paris Becomes the Latest Beacon for Bankers: Beyond Brexit
Alasdair Sandford: Brexit harvest: Five self-sown problems on Boris Johnson's plate this autumn
Jack Peat: If Brexit was going well we would have heard about it by now
Richard North: Brexit: confusion at the top
Andra Maciuca: Brexit minister says the UK is ’embarked on a great voyage’
The Guardian view on Brexit diplomacy: thaw, not Frosts
Anthony Robinson: Government announces more Brexit delays
Gregor Gowans: BMPA CEO Nick Allen explains how a ‘high-skill' UK economy may impact food security and supply chains
Mark Haller: Energy Prices rise after UK leaves EU Energy Markets
Joe Mellor: UK faces ‘winter of discontent’ due to ‘sorry saga’ of Brexit
The Guardian view on Brexit deadlines: reality will not be deferred
How cocktail of Brexit and Covid is causing mounting problems in Folkestone - and across the country
Simon Jenkins: Boris Johnson’s biggest lie about Europe is finally coming home to roost
James Sillars: The 10 jobs where people are needed most as UK faces vacancy crisis, according to recruitment confederation
Nolan Jazimreg: Brexit’s 6 Ws and how the wealthy British elite always gets what it wants!
William Keegan: Leavers’ pride may not endure as Britain’s poverty rises
Mike Zollo: School trips abroad: the “Grand Tour”, blighted by Brexit
Denis Staunton: Afghanistan chaos upends UK’s post-Brexit foreign policy
At the UK border: from 1 October 2021
Mark Fitt: Home office blames Brits for choosing Brexit as Greggs is the latest firm hit with shortages for iconic bake
Finn McRedmond: Myth of global Britain laid bare in utter shallowness
Alex Lawson: Break the EU border blockade on Britain: Food and drinks chiefs demand urgent action as 'avalanche of red tape' stops firms selling in Europe
Harry Holmes: Brexit border checks: the five areas of most concern
Andrew Rawnsley: Boris Johnson’s Global Britain is exposed as impotent and friendless by Afghanistan
John King: Decline and fall of Brexit Britain
Joanna Partridge: ‘A perfect storm’: UK beet growers fear Brexit threatens their future
David Letts: The UK is now a third country – Britain’s supply chain crisis
Tom Houghton: Brexit and Liverpool: A damaged city - or one set to prosper in global Britain?
Josh Halliday: The cost of Boris Johnson’s ‘levelling up’: £2tn, says UK thinktank
Yvonne Wancke: Lorry driver shortages, empty shelves and Brexit
Jonathan Lis: Cummings’ Brexit Confessions Reveal the Hollow Heart Of a Hallowed Project
Brexit has ‘significantly altered’ Irish-British freight traffic
Jack Peat: Two-thirds of Brits feel ‘left in the dark’ about impact of post-Brexit trade deals
Philippe Auclair: The Broken Instruments of Brexit
Andra Maciuca: Romanian lorry driver reveals why Brexit means shortages
Jack Peat: Boris is about to shred his own Brexit deal – and Britain’s reputation with it
Luke McGee: The explosive Brexit spat that no one is talking about could slam the UK economy
Phil: Looking Back at the Wreckage
Sian Norris and Jake Tacchi: Fake News Around Asylum Claims
Anna Girolami: EU haulage firms now avoiding the UK
Caolan Robertson: ‘A Convenient Scapegoat’ Empty Shelves are due to Brexit Not the Pingdemic Here’s the Evidence
William Keegan: Labour must say it out loud: Brexit needs to be reversed
Denis Staunton: Dominic Cummings says he’s not certain Brexit was a good idea
Annette Dittert: The politics of lies: Boris Johnson and the erosion of the rule of law
Marina Hyde: What a week for England, when arse-flare guy looks like our brightest spark
John King: Brexit and our British identity
Charles Walton: EU Accused Of Ignoring Its Own Spin In The Midst Of Bitter Brexit Trade Dispute
Emily Atkinson: ‘Price of Xenophobia and Neoliberalism’: Brexit bill £5 billion more than UK estimates
Gabriele Bonafede: Every man for himself while orchestra is playing on deck of sinking Brexit
David Frost, Brandon Lewis: David Frost and Brandon Lewis: We must find a new balance in how NI protocol is operated
10 real-life consequences of Brexit - six months after UK officially left the EU
umair haque: Britain is the World’s Newest Failed State
Jane Stevenson: A terrible injustice is about to be inflicted on EU citizens and must be stopped. You can help!
Alice Tidey: Brexit 5 years on: 'We would have you back,' says Europe, in new poll
Will Hutton: The case for Brexit was built on lies. Five years later, deceit is routine in our politics
North East Bylines: Scientists for EU show that Brexit disruption cost UK science £1.5 billion
Joe Mellor: ‘We now go live to Brexit’ – 15 GIFs that sum up the whole mess best
Andra Maciuca: 5 years on: EU official says UK ‘isolated and weakened by Brexit aberration’
Freya McClements: UK government must ‘tell the truth’ and implement NI protocol – Chris Patten
John Johnston: Brexit: The Biggest Claims From The Remain And Leave Campaigns That Never Happened
Joe Mayes: U.K. Still Deeply Split on Brexit Five Years After Referendum
Cliff Mitchell: The Lost Opportunities List
Jack Peat: Just 25% of the British public think Brexit is going well
Joe Mellor: Government ad for ‘Brexit Opportunities Director’ sparks hilarious reaction on social media
Phil: Brexit Trade Deals and the Tory Class Interest
Yvonne Wancke: Steve Bray, campaigner: first protest and what’s next
Jack Peat: Translated: What Macron really had to say about UK sovereignty and Boris Johnson
Brian Hutton: British ‘don’t get’ how checks on goods into North threatens unionism, MP says
Heather Stewart: Brexit rains on Boris Johnson’s G7 parade
Marina Adami: Confidence in EU has dropped amid pandemic
Jimmy Nsubuga: The EU countries that trust Britain the least after Brexit
Naomi O’Leary: Colonial nightmare returns for Ireland in spectre of checks with rest of EU
Tim Penton: Wonderful UK-Norway Trade Deal ISN’T
John King: Nailing Brexit fraud: how to lose friends and annoy people
Lisa O'Carroll: Travellers on UK border controls: ‘I’ve noticed a change of attitude’
Andra Maciuca: ‘Patriots? Idiots more like’: Reactions to Dover immigration protest
Aaron Walawalkar, Jessica Purkiss, Eleanor Rose and Mark Townsend: Uncovered: the brutal secrets of UK deportation flight Esparto 11
Paul Mason: With the UK’s European door closed, it’s open season for xenophobia
Gabriele Bonafede: Johnson-Orbán, a divisive meeting amid diplomatic isolation
Giles Tremlett: Why everybody loses under the Home Office’s ‘Hostile Britain’ policy
Lisa O'Carroll: ‘We mean business,’ says chair of body for EU citizens in UK
James Tapper and Toby Helm: ‘Irresponsible’ Australia trade deal will bring ruin for UK farmers, critics warn
Gabriele Bonafede: Brexiteers looking for Brexiteers looking for good-looking Brexit benefits
The Guardian view on post-Brexit trade: only hard choices are left
Howard Davies: Has Brexit fatally dented the City of London’s future?
Giles Tremlett / Lisa O'Carroll: Handcuffed, detained, denied medicine: EU citizens’ UK border ordeals
Andra Maciuca: I am an NHS doctor and my wife is a nurse. This is why we may leave the UK.
Aoife Kearns: Brexit's 99 problems on horizon as supplies get flakey
Working in Europe - Visas & Work Permits (for actors)
What is levelling up and how is it going?
umair haque: Britain is Self-Destructing— And It’s a Warning to the World
Paula Wilcox: Unsettled status – European citizens’ post-Brexit struggles
The Guardian view on foreign policy after Brexit: growing pains
William Keegan: Brexit’s Mr Pooter may not survive his dispute with Cummings
Rahat Choudhury: Brexit impacts in the food industry
Polly Toynbee: Forget curtains and cash – Johnson’s legacy will be the bitter taste of Brexit
Joe Mellor: Brexit: Ministers put British business at ‘competitive disadvantage’ with EU check delay
Gabriele Bonafede: Post-Brexit trade agreements. The UK holds no cards
Yvonne Wancke: Stories of Brexit: new report from the European Movement
David Hencke: UK’s Post-Brexit Mexican Trade Deal Left Obsolete
Jack Peat: Belfast News Letter pens perfect response after Johnson hits out at ‘absurd’ trading arrangements
Lisa O'Carroll: Half of Brexit supporters were not ‘left behind’ red wall voters
Jack Peat: UK exports to Europe falling off a cliff – report
Simon Jenkins: Boris Johnson was not honest about the Irish border. What is he going to do about it?
Anthea Simmons: “My small business is in ruins and I see no way out.”
Carl Baudenbacher: The chance for smoother trade with the EU is still available, if Britain can seize it
Andrew Atkinson: Biggest foreign-worker exodus since WWII adds to Britain’s woes
Sadie Parker: Has Brexit made us less safe?
Toby Helm: From bikes to booze, how Brexit barriers are hitting Anglo-Dutch trade hard
Reuters Staff: Brexit reality only hitting now, EU's Barnier says
Gabriele Bonafede: Leavers who voted Leave and do not want to leave
UK Government: Living in Europe
Tom Kibasi: Biden's tariffs threat shows how far Brexit Britain is from controlling its own destiny
Enheduanna: The Last Brexit Committees: where are we with implementing the TCA?
The Guardian view on the 'festival of Brexit': judge it on its results
Joyce Quin: The worst Christmas present ever?
Rafael Behr: Europe's trust in Britain has gone. We're now a problem, not a partner
Gregor Gowans: Freight Forwarder John Shirley on why he believes Brexit will be a “colossal disaster”
Ruadhán Mac Cormaic: Brexit blinds Britain to AstraZeneca’s blunders
The Guardian view on the Northern Ireland protocol: honour the treaty
Paul Kelso: Northern Ireland Protocol trade arrangements have created 'a perfect storm'
Gabriele Bonafede: As Brexit sowed, so it is reaping. UK and its money got parted
The Observer view on the grim effects of Brexit being impossible to hide
Jonathan Portes: A million people have left Britain. What does this mean for the country?
Cllr Marianna Ebel: EU nationals – second-class citizens in post-Brexit Britain
Alena Ivanova: Right to Stay, but how to prove it?
EU to unveil plans for digital Covid vaccine passport this month
Eddy Wax and Cristina Gonzalez:: Brexit means … Euro-English?
Jon Henley: 'Lying is no longer a sin': former French ambassador on Brexit and Boris Johnson
Gabriele Bonafede: Brexit and the diplomatic isolation of UK. A worsening picture
Patrick Wintour: Boris Johnson 'a liar' who will blame Brexit costs on Covid, says diplomat
Sarah McCartney: Brexit charges: I thought Brexit would be hard for small businesses like mine – but not this hard
Simon Ferrigno: Brexit charges: Post-Brexit trade: a barren soil for seeds
Tom Edgington: Brexit charges: Why is my online shopping more expensive?
Luke McGee: A majority of Britons aren't satisfied with how Brexit turned out
James Copperfield: Lord Adonis Refuses To Give Up As He Outlines How He’ll Make UK Rejoin EU
Robert Plummer: Post-Brexit trade: 'If you don't speak French, you're stuffed'
Richard Partington: Brexit cost will be four times greater for UK than EU, Brussels forecasts
Anna Girolami: JD Sports: “Brexit is considerably worse than expected.”
Professor Anand Menon: Businesses are finding out the hard way the trade-offs of Brexit
Cliff Taylor: North must seek Brexit opportunities not just problems
Tommie Gorman: Post-Brexit world poses challenges for unionism
Brexit has not only been bad for business but could cause end of business:
BEERG Brexit Blog: The “Brexit of Small Things” is here… to stay
Tony Connelly: Fear and loathing: Return of the Northern Ireland Protocol
Chris Grey: Brexit is coming apart at the seams
Gabriele Bonafede: Brexiteers noticing that solving problems will solve problems
Brexit: an update for our valued UK customers (Thomann)
Brexit deal: 13 things you need to know
Kate Holton: Factbox: The Brexit impact so far - paperwork, process and higher prices
Louise Brown: Are things really so rosy for the Nissan Plant in Sunderland?
Frederick Cowell: The Brexit deal locks the UK into continued Strasbourg Human Rights court membership
Miles Brignall: EU website purchases: the import charges UK customers have to pay
Reality Check team: Brexit divorce bill: How much does the UK owe the EU?
John Lichfield: A Brexit lesson: EU’s benefits, largely invisible, hurt to lose
Arj Singh: Everything That’s Already Gone Wrong Because Of Brexit In 2021
Colin Gordon: Roads to re-Entry Part 1: We are not in a ‘culture war’

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Compare the Brexit
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Things you can do (useful ideas from Chipping Barnet for EU)
Fishing discards practice thrown overboard by EU
Dr Andrew Kuc: Medical Radioisotopes and No-Deal Brexit
British in Europe
Post-Brexit travel to Europe: all your questions answered
Let’s be clear, nationalisation is NOT against EU law
Colin Yeo: Free Movement.
Pledge for the Future
What has the EU done for your area?
What would a no-deal Brexit mean for you?
What happens to British manufacturers using the CE mark after "Brexit day"?
EU patients may miss out on medicines in no-deal Brexit, says AstraZeneca
Roaming charges: What will happen after Brexit?
Diabetes UK responds to reports that a no-deal Brexit could disrupt UK insulin supply
Advice for European Londoners
FT Brexit business impact tracker
The People's Vote Campaign
Apply for your EU Passport (would be nice!)
Time to Write About the Voting Science
Made in Britain: What does it mean for trade after Brexit?
SODEM Action
A Green Card for Europe
Is Brexit trashing your future? Here’s how to help stop it
The history of the Tories' influential European Research Group (ERG)
10 ways the EU protects British workers' rights
Fact Check: do new EU rules make it impossible to renationalise railways?
The constitutional implications of a second EU referendum
Find your MP
Exiting the EU: sectoral impact assessments
This is what the Brexit cliff edge looks like
Best for Britain
Brexit Testimonies.
InFacts: Vote Leave spending casts doubt on referendum validity.
Brexit Job Losses.
Post-Brexit travel to Europe.
No 10 (Richmond) vigil
All about local groups
Brexit boycott lists
EU push for citizen participation
European Movement
New Europeans
Progressive Alliance
Remain United
London Pro-European Network
Scientists for Europe
Reporting hate crimes
Write to your MP
Portal of Student Union sites
The Migration Observatory
Managing non-party campaign spending
Focused constituency campaigning

European Elections


Invitation letter to enter Spain as a foreigner for tourism (“Carta de Invitación”)
Schengen Visa Information
Spanish residency, NIE, TIE and Padrón
Questions for UK nationals and their family members residing in Spain
Cost of selling a house in Spain
Living in Spain after Brexit
What is the digital-nomad visa scheme, as Spain introduces it?
Foreign travel advice Spain
Entrada: requisitos y condiciones
Alistair Spence Clarke: The rules for tax residency in Spain – conflict with residencia rules?
Counting Your Days in (and Outside of) Spain
Simon Hunter: ‘An avoidable nightmare’: How UK licence holders in Spain are affected by driving debacle
How To Avoid Post-Brexit Banking Issues For UK Nationals
Renovar la Tarjeta de Residencia en España- Errores Comunes
ETIAS – European Travel Information and Authorisation System
Explaining Spain’s €100-Per-Day Entry Requirement
Where can I travel in Europe? An updated list of COVID entry rules for every European country
Travellers to Spain Must Continue to Prove They Have at Least €100 per Day in Order to Be Able to Enter the Country
Las claves de la sentencia del TJUE que tumba las sanciones por no declarar bienes en el extranjero
Spain to Introduce Digital Nomad Visa
Carta de Invitación: Why You Need This If You Have British Friends Or Family Staying With You
Lisa Burton: Extending the 90 in 180-day rule for British in Spain
Matthew Lane: Own a home in Spain? What will Brexit mean for you?
ETIAS – European Travel Information and Authorisation System

EU Info and the negotiations

Kate Buck: EU Commission changes passport advice for UK travellers
Etias: What is new EU €7 entry process and how might it affect you?
Britons living in EU can’t keep pre-Brexit rights, European court advised
Foreign Office warns Britons visiting EU to check passport stamps
Passport scans and €7 fee: What will change for EU travel in 2022
Lisa Burton: The UK government won’t tell you this, but the EU wants to hear from you!
Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland
Alix Culbertson, news reporter : What is an Australia-style trade deal and what could it mean for the UK?
ETIAS: A European Travel Information and Authorisation System - Questions & Answers
No deal, no problem (updated): More EU countries guarantee British expats post-Brexit
Brits in the EU to get common residence card
Amélie de Montchalin: The EU will respect British sovereignty, and Britain must respect ours
Professor Steve Peers: How do you solve a problem like Suella? The legal aspects of breach and termination of the withdrawal agreement
Visit Europe from 1 January 2021
European Commission: Negotiating directives for a new partnership with the United Kingdom
Hans von der Burchard: 5 things to know about the EU’s Brexit negotiating stance
Jennifer Rankin: What has the EU been up to in the run-up to Brexit?
Article 13: UK will not implement EU copyright law
Alistair Spence Clarke: How Brexit will affect the taxation of Spanish holiday homes
Schengen visa calculator
Residence rights of UK nationals in EU27 Member States
UK nationals’ residence rights in the EU27
Dr Sam Fowles: Associate EU Citizenship: A Brief Assessment
Joel Baccas: Out of Africa: the facts about EU tariffs on African exports
5 suggested new Brexit dates, 5 sets of problems
Brexit and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: our concerns
Questions and Answers – the rights of EU and UK citizens, as outlined in the Withdrawal Agreement
EU citizens' rights and Brexit
Communication of 13 November 2018 "Preparing for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union on 30 March 2019: a Contingency Action Plan"
Commons rules allow May to ignore MPs' vote on 'alternative Brexit'
Travelling to the EU with a UK passport if there’s no Brexit deal
Preparedness notices
This petition could help UK nationals retain EU citizenship after Brexit
Preparing for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union on 30 March 2019
European Citizens' Initiative: Commission registers initiative on 'Permanent European Union Citizenship'
Visa policy of the Schengen Area
ETIAS – European Travel Information and Authorisation System
19 March 2018: Draft Agreement on the withdrawal of the UK from the EU and Euratom
The Prime Minister's Mansion House Brexit speech : intepreted
Full text of Theresa May's Mansion House speech on Brexit
Brexit withdrawal text: What it says and what it means
The European Union What it is and what it does
Michel Barnier's slide of possible future UK relationships with the EU
UK nationals in the EU: what you need to know
Citizens' rights comparison 08.12.2017
Commission recommendation 08.12.2017
Brexit Progress Report 08.12.2017
An Assessment of the Economic Impact of Brexit on the EU 27
Negotiations and agreements
Brexit and Pharmaceuticals: Access to Medicine
EU law making in simple terms
Michel Barnier: European Commission - Statement after Mrs May's Florence speech
Article 127: What is the obscure section of EU law - and how could it stop Brexit?
Brexit: What is the government's customs union plan?
Brexit: Statement by Guy Verhofstadt and the EP Brexit Steering Group
Position paper: essential principles on the financial settlement
Position paper: essential principles on citizens' rights
Position paper: Article 50 negotiations
Article 50: The people who will negotiate Brexit
(Houe of Lords) European Union Committee Brexit: acquired rights
One market without borders
European Union site (a wealth of information here)
Dedicated to making the most of post-referendum Britain
What is the free trade area, single market, customs union?
Michael Dougan : Which European future for the UK?
EU parliament petitions
Freedom of Movement : myths debunked
The European Commission

House of Commons briefing papers