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Braking news
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A gem of a story about Tory corruption from the NY Times
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Aude Martin – Alternatives économiques (Paris) / Harry Bowden: “Global Britain” struggles to materialise
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Sadie Parker: Ending free movement – the Brexiteer shibboleth that assaults our freedom, prosperity & security
Rafael Behr: It was always lost on Brexiteers – but the EU is fundamentally about peace
George Monbiot: The British government’s first disaster of 2021? A food shortage
Adrian Zorzut: Former senior Tory politician warns Britons of Brexit ‘hidden evils’
Dominic Cummings departure means ‘Brexit sell-out’, says Nigel Farage
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The Observer view on the departure of Dominic Cummings
Will Hutton: Is Britain really about to embrace chaos and misery for the sake of Brexit dogma?
Toby Helm and Michael Savage: Nightmare on Downing Street
Aude Martin – Alternatives économiques (Paris): ‘The EU is facing a dilemma from which it will emerge weakened’
Jon Stone: Dominic Cummings: Damaging legacy of ‘unelected bureaucrat’ will take years to undo, says Guy Verhofstadt
Anthony Robinson: As we enter the Brexit end game what do people think about it?
Luke McGee: Johnson has mismanaged Covid, Brexit and the economy. Now his inner circle is falling out
The Guardian view on the Downing Street machine: unfit for Brexit
TruePublica Editor: From Broken Britain to Broken Kingdom
Monica Horten: Border safety will be at risk if the UK loses access to vital EU databases
Therese Raphael, Bloomberg: Boris Johnson has a serious Joe Biden problem on Brexit
Rafael Behr: Deal or no deal on Brexit, Boris Johnson’s only care is that no one blames him
Lisa O’Carroll: What does Biden’s win mean for Brexit?
Christopher Pitchers & Efi Koutsokosta: Biden win strengthens EU’s hand in post-Brexit trade deal talks, says German MEP Manfred Weber
Rob Merrick: Brexit: US firms to gain access to Britons’ personal data via Japan trade deal, campaigners warn
Polly Toynbee: With Biden elected, a no-deal Brexit would make Britain a pariah. It can’t happen
Sam McBride: An experienced freight industry figure has said that he is “panicking” over the looming Irish Sea border – which a leaked document reveals will be far harder than admitted.
Jack Peat: Reaction as Priti Patel confirms the end to freedom of movement
Ronan McGreevy, Vivienne Clarke: Biden win should focus British minds on Brexit strategy, says Coveney
Jill Rutter and Anand Menon: Who killed soft Brexit?
Simon Jenkins: Boris Johnson has to stop playing games and agree a deal with Europe
Biden, BoJo, and Brexit
Kenny Campbell: Warnings ignored – so now the best Johnson can do is make things worse
Biden, BoJo, and Brexit
Roger Casale: They come to bury the European Convention on Human Rights, not to praise it
Lisa O’Carroll: UK will struggle to deal with Brexit alongside Covid, says think tank
Katrine Bussey: Brexit will be ‘crisis of UK Government making’, Michael Gove is told
Mark Steel: If Trump loses, it won’t take long for us to wake up to who Boris Johnson really was all along
Anthony Robinson: Brexit is about to be brutally mugged by reality
Amanda Robinson: No-deal Brexit may be best for Boris, but not for Britain
Adrian Zorzut: Joe Biden win could force Boris Johnson to water down Brexit bill
Sadie Parker: Why we should all care about the betrayal of British farmers
Will de Freitas: The Conversation: Why the UK should stop talking tough on a no-deal Brexit
Denis MacShane: Ten reasons why Boris Johnson will back down and do a deal
Andrew Rawnsley: A Joe Biden White House will have little time and less love for ‘Britain’s Trump’
Daniel Boffey: With the Brexit walkout and sulk over, is the UK on the home straight for a deal?
Anthony Robinson: Think no-deal is bad? A deal will not be much better
Martin Kettle: Boris Johnson’s refusal to seek compromise will be his undoing
Alan Hope: UK will lose 37% of foreign investment after Brexit
End of talks ‘hugely concerning’ for farmers
Carissa Véliz: You’ve heard of tax havens. After Brexit, the UK could become a ‘data haven’
Nigel Morris: Johnson steels UK for no-deal Brexit — but EU leaders suspect it’s brinkmanship in trade talks wrangle
Anthony Robinson: UK fishing: out of the frying pan into the fire
Sarah Wolff: Why Brexit will increase migrant Channel crossings
Dave Clark with Alice Ritchie in London: Brexit strategy risks UK ‘dictatorship’, says ex-president of supreme court
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Gina Miller: Boris Johnson is using the Covid crisis as a pretext for a power grab
Denis MacShane: 11 reasons why Boris Johnson will be bounced into securing a Brexit deal
Anthony Robinson: EU “to call Johnson’s bluff”
William Keegan: Rishi Sunak cannot become a statesman if he remains a Brexiter
Emily Horner: The North’s enthusiasm for Brexit is on the wane
Michael E. Burke: Trump’s troubling abandonment of Northern Ireland
Chris Grey: The theatricals of ‘deal or no deal’ are a distraction
Rob Davidson: Our Japanese trade deal – the first proof of a poorer Britain after Brexit
Anthony Robinson: Gove travels to Brussels to begin the climb down
Hugo Gye: Britain must abandon EU rules in post-Brexit trade deal with Brussels, Liz Truss claims as she dismisses chlorinated chicken fears
Yorkshire Bylines: The “taking back control” slogan is starting to wear thin
Simon Jack: The battered North East firms not ready for Brexit
Tony Connelly: Brexit: A tangle of high wire deadlines and ultimatums
Kath Dalmeny, Sustain: Government says it has no duty to secure food supplies in a no-deal Brexit (nor any other crisis)
Fay Schopen: The majority of people in Kent voted leave – but not to leave the UK
The Guardian view on new Brexit borders: the price of political fraud
Ronan Cormacain: The United Kingdom Internal Market Bill and Breach of Domestic Law
Benjamin Fox : ‘Profound antagonism’ will follow ‘no deal’ on post-Brexit trade, thinktank warns
Polly Toynbee : Boris Johnson is delaying the inevitable again – and watching as Covid-19 surges
Larry Elliott : Covid means UK needs EU deal to avoid calamity, says Lord O’Donnell
Professor Catherine Barnard : No-deal Brexit: can the UK be trusted?
Brian Milne : A few thousand, that’s all
Rafael Behr: Keir Starmer is refusing to play Downing Street’s game. So far, it’s working
Joe Mellor: Brexit: ‘Britannia has waived the rules’ & lit a ‘bonfire under hard-won rights’
Heather Stewart: Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill straight out of Trump playbook, David Lammy says
Andrew Rawnsley: Why Boris Johnson is constantly surprised when his government fails
William Keegan: Cummings’s state aid is scarcely a substitute for EU trade
Nick Cohen: The meritocracy has had its day. How else to explain the rise of Dido Harding?
Jonathan Freedland: This Brexit government’s ignorance is steering us towards disaster’
Suzanne Lynch: Joe Biden warns Britain the Belfast Agreement cannot become ‘casualty of Brexit’
Rafael Behr: Boris Johnson’s Brexit has always been a swindle. Now Ireland will pay the price
Beth Rigby: What is really behind the PM’s Brexit move?
John Crace Ed Miliband revels in making Boris Johnson look like a second-rate conman
Chris Johns: EU should let Johnson-Cummings Brexit psychodrama play out
Jay Elwes: The self-interested man
Andrew Rawnsley: The escalating delinquency of Boris Johnson and his gang of blue anarchists
Marina Hyde: The Tories’ biggest trick? Convincing the world they have a cunning plan
Tom Kibasi: Brexit is the stage on which Boris Johnson acts out his theatre of provocation
Fintan O’Toole: Boris Johnson’s ‘oven-ready’ Brexit had a secret footnote: we’ll rehash it later
George Monbiot: If you think the UK isn’t corrupt, you haven’t looked hard enough
Ulf Schmidt: Higher education in the UK is morally bankrupt. I’m taking my family and my research millions, and I’m off
Jennifer Rankin: Brexit talks: why the wrangles over state aid?
Rafael Behr: The days could be numbered for Boris Johnson’s Trump tribute act
Zoe Williams: Brexit feeds on discord, so don’t fight it – work to bring down this government
The Observer view on Boris Johnson’s disastrous path to a Covid-19 Brexit
Simon Coveney: itain’s ‘emotional’ nationalism risks a no-deal, Irish foreign minister warns
Michael Hindley: Is there a way back to the EU?
Martin Kettle: Boris Johnson is floundering, and his majority may not save him
Marion Van Renterghem: Michel Barnier he will ‘never yield’ to Brexiteers attempting to ‘destroy’ the EU