Fintan O’Toole : The fatal delusions of Boris Johnson
Denis Staunton: The abrupt end to Brexit talks is not only surprising but perplexing
Jonathan Freedland: Amid the havoc wreaked by coronavirus, there is another danger we've forgotten
Caroline Lucas: The last chance to save us from a no-deal Brexit has now slipped by. Here’s what we lost today
Daniel Boffey: EU parliament leader: Boris Johnson seems unwilling to find compromise in Brexit talks
Ben Chu: Pound sterling as unstable as developing country currency due to Brexit, say analysts
Jonathon Read: Pollster reveals ‘pivotal’ moment UK appeared to start showing Brexit regret
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Anthony Robinson: Dover-Calais and the chaos to come
William Keegan: Battered Britain is in no state to withstand a no-deal Brexit
Andrew Rawnsley: Even Tories increasingly fear they have inflicted the worst of all worlds on Britain
Katy Balls: The latest Tory party split? It's Waitrose Conservatives versus Lidl free marketeers
Anthony Robinson: Dover-Calais and the chaos to come
Anthony Robinson: CBI: British firms “not remotely prepared” for no-deal “hammer blow”
George Monbiot: Boris Johnson's US trade deal will make Britain a paradise for disaster capitalists
Jane Dalton: Boris Johnson is dropping his promise not to import chlorinated chicken after Brexit. The welfare of animals has been sold off
Emily Beament: Pandemic exposes UK food dependency
Paul Mason: Brexit: deaths, more deaths … and no-deal calculations
Nick Cohen: The lethal combination of Brexit and Covid
George Monbiot: Tory privatisation is at the heart of the UK's disastrous coronavirus response
Brexit returns as major headache for the pound
Rafael Behr: The harder reality gets for Johnson, the tighter he clings to Brexit fantasy
Nick Cohen: Cummings and Johnson evil geniuses? Hardly, just lazy and incompetent
Ivor Gaber: Having made it to the top Boris Johnson is now stumped
Marina Hyde: The truth about why Cummings hasn't gone: Johnson is too terrified to sack him
John Crace: Boris Johnson sacrifices top scientific advisers on altar of Classic Dom
Benedict Spence: Boris Johnson cannot afford to let go of Dominic Cummings now – it would be the end of his premiership
Chaminda Jayanetti: The failure of Cummings' British culture war
Alan Finlayson: In Cummings’ mind, clever people break the rules. The rest of us follow them
James Brownsell: Brexit changed immigrant perceptions for the better: Study
Daniel Trilling: The new immigration rules are not really about Brexit. They're about ripping off workers
Dominic Cummings – a cover story obscuring something far darker
John Crace: Regrets? St Dom had a few, but then again too few to mention
Ben Glaze & Dan Bloom: Tory 'hypocrites' clap for care workers while launching immigration crackdown
Philip Stephens: British exceptionalism has reached the end of the road
Angus Robertson: Brexit’s back, and the threat it poses is greater than ever
Simon Tisdall: Covid-19: isolated and alone, Britain has become the sick man of Europe
‘Foretaste’ of Brexit: Virus cuts off much of UK farm labor - Washington Post
Jack Peat: Starmer is setting an ideological trap for the Conservatives
João Vale de Almeida and 27 EU diplomats to the UK: This Europe Day we send a message of solidarity and friendship to British people
Paul Gillespie: Why contrasting ideas on sovereignty are feeding distrust between EU and UK
Kieren McCarthy: UK finds itself almost alone with centralized virus contact-tracing app that probably won't work well, asks for your location, may be illegal
Stephen Castle and Mark Landler: Britain Is Sticking to Brexit Plans Despite Virus Upheaval
Nick Cohen: The British charlatan style has been sent packing by too much reality
Professor Chris Grey: Coronavirus and Brexit: The connections and their consequences.
Afua Hirsch: In the UK, white immigration is an asset – while everyone else is undesirable
Jonathan Calvert, George Arbuthnott and Jonathan Leake: Coronavirus: 38 days when Britain sleepwalked into disaster
Bell Ribeiro-Addy: The UK is in denial about its post-coronavirus status in the world. Former colonies won’t need us, we’ll need them
Rowena Mason and Lisa O'Carroll: No 10 accused of putting 'Brexit over breathing' in Covid-19 ventilator row
‘We are in serious trouble’: The other crisis – our food supply
William Keegan: The coronavirus outbreak has made the budget irrelevant
Marina Hyde: When Johnson says we'll turn the tide in 12 weeks, it's just another line for the side of a bus
Michael Savage: Coronavirus sparks calls to extend EU transition period
Martin McKee, Anniek de Ruijter and Mark Flear: Brexit threatens UK’s ability to respond to a future pandemic
Jack Peat: The Telegraph’s ‘20 reasons to vote leave’ has resurfaced – and it makes for some depressing reading
Ian McConnell: Johnson Brexit stance well worth the watching even when focus rightly on coronavirus
Jonathan Lis: The next Labour leader must hold the Tories to account over Brexit
Bettina Schulz,: British Hypocrisy
Sofie Hagen: I love the UK and would like to stay (please). But you need a few lessons on being Danish
Holly Eva Ryan: Brexit has made town twinning a battleground - but it's always been political
Rafael Behr: Boris Johnson’s bluster on Brexit is about to face reality
Alasdair Fotheringham: Brexit-voting expats in Spain wake up to a future of change
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: ‘Right-wingers are using the language of fairness and liberalism to limit free speech
Leo Cendrowicz: ‘The UK has changed. It has become hostile and closed’: EU citizens in Brussels react to Priti Patel's new immigration scheme
Ian Birrell: Priti Patel's immigration strategy terrifies families like mine who need EU carers
John Crace: Condescension, false humility, divisiveness – welcome to Mikeyworld
John Crace: Priti Patel's ineptitude is exactly what Boris admires in her
Will Hutton: Johnson’s Brexit flunkey sums up all that’s wrong with his master’s trade fantasies
The Observer view on the government’s immigration plans
Lisa O'Carroll: UK reneging on Northern Ireland pledges risks trade deals with US and EU’
Vincent Wood: BBC’s David Dimbleby attacks ‘liar’ Boris Johnson and says PM is ‘apeing Trump’
Paul Mason: Boris Johnson’s government is a permanent campaign – the left must change to defeat it
Rachel Wearmouth: The UK Is Holding 'Highly Secret Trade Talks' With Unnamed Countries
Maya Goodfellow: There’s nothing ‘sensible’ about Priti Patel’s heartless immigration proposal
Sean O'Grady: After years of insisting otherwise, the government just revealed it actually wants no-deal Brexit
Sue Wilson: The post-Brexit cabinet reshuffle does little to reassure Brits in Europe
Andrea Carlo European citizens warn of post-Brexit discrimination
Tom Peck: Dominic Cummings’ empire is crumbling, and taking us all down with it
Tony Connelly: EU and UK are poles apart on the Irish Protocol
Marina Hyde: Dominic Cummings has started to believe he’s cool. What can you say but, ‘Ooooh’?
Do Brits really deserve associate EU citizenship?
Mandeep Rai: Brexit has revealed a divide that's here to stay
John Crace: Javid's self-worth wasn't part of the plan for Cummi– sorry, Johnson
Polly Toynbee: This revenge reshuffle has a dangerous message: absolute power resides in No 10
Jane Merrick: Boris Johnson made Sajid Javid an offer he had to refuse - keep your job, but none of the power
Darragh Roche: Britain should watch Ireland’s election closely. The Union could depend on it
Peter Oborne: Boris Johnson is leading a revolution, and this time it's coming from the right
William Keegan: Brexit is a crisis, not an opportunity. But we’ll see that too late
James Wilsdon: For science, Brexit isn't done yet
Andrew Grice: I’ve spent 40 years reporting from Westminster. I’ve never seen anything like this before
Andrew Glencross: The UK can still rejoin the EU
Brexit Shambles: Downing St in Full Control
Simon Allison and Peter Mandelson: What went wrong? Two leading Remainers on how the movement to stop Brexit failed
Christine Fuchs, After 40 years in Britain, I have to justify being here
Joe Horgan: WELL goodbye then, England. And Wales. And Scotland. And Northern Ireland.
Anne Applebaum: After Brexit, New Identity Crises Await the U.K.
Simon Jenkins: Boris Johnson’s ‘global talent visa’ ignores economics – and ethics
Will Hutton: Remainers aren’t going to vanish on 31 January. We fight on, sure of our cause
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Ian Dunt: No compromise as Johnson drives through the most brutal Brexit imaginable
Emilio Casalicchio: Brexit Britain faces the gunboats
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Nolan Jazimreg: Brexit Timeline: Key events that led to David Cameron’s decision to hold the EU referendum
David Conn: Many in the north backed Brexit. They will soon begin to feel the costs
John Crace: Useful fall guy': a preview of Boris Johnson's minister ratings.
Martin Kettle: The Scottish standoff will not be decided at Westminster.
Aamna Mohdin: Why Britain's vicars won't be ringing the bells for Brexi.
David Edgerton: Boris Johnson Might Break Up the U.K. That’s a Good Thing.
The five types of twat who'll pay for Big Ben to bong for Brexit
John Crace: On air, Johnson’s brain began to engage with itself – but not reality
Thomas Colson: Brexit will soon have cost the UK more than all of its payments to the EU over the last 47 years put together
Tony Connelly: Brexit talks: Goodbye Canada, hello Switzerland?
AC Grayling: A return to Europe is possible... and need not be far away
Kevin Schofield: Boris Johnson's Brexit deal 'bad for the Union and economy', says Theresa May's former top aide
Sue Wilson: It's no surprise Brits in Spain are confused by the language of Brexit.
Geraint Davies: Brexit will crash and burn – and when it does, Labour needs to hold the Tories responsible.
Will Hutton Remainers aren’t going to vanish on 31 January. We fight on, sure of our cause
Mujtaba Rahman: Brace yourself: the next phase of Brexit is going to get messy
Ben Quinn: Government pushes ahead with plans for 'festival of Brexit''
Dan Bloom and Ben Glaze: 5 biggest problems with Dominic Cummings' Downing Street job advert for 'weirdos'
Lee Williscroft-Ferris: Freedom of movement is now the most important fight in the Brexit battleground
Alastair Campbell: Recent political events have led the UK to a dark place
Dan Sabbagh: 'There's no chance now': how the People's Vote movement died
Sean Whelan: Brexit - revolution or slow burn?
Sir Ed Davey: We Need A Public Inquiry Into The Lies And False Promises Of Brexit
The moment that left me feeling unwelcome in Boris Johnson's Britain
Ben Glaze: Remain and Leave chiefs unite to call on Britain to come together for 2020
Vince Cable: Brexit will happen, but Remainers need to take some lessons from Nigel Farage and play the long game
James Brownsell : Seven signs of things to come in Brexit Britain
Diana Cairns: I’m a remainer and one of the people too
Stephen Collins: Johnson will abandon pledge on Brexit transition period - Hogan
Daniel Finn: The Obsessive Remainers Have Scored a Massive Own Goal
Michael Savage: Out but not down: Tory anti-Brexiters tell where the next battle will be fought
Anne van der Mei: Brexit and citizenship II: Associate EU citizenship
Laurie Penny: Necessary Anger
Daniel Boffey: Post-Brexit UK always welcome back in EU, says Timmermans
Graham Vanbergen: Brexit – The Evidence that We’ve All Been Conned Keeps Piling Up
Michel Barnier: Three New Year’s Wishes for Britain and the EU
Jonathon Read: Labour switchers who backed Tories still want workers' rights protected after Brexit
Benjamin Kentish: .Boris Johnson not in charge of his own government, former Tory chancellor claims
Polly Toynbee: .Johnson will break his Brexit promises. Labour must be forensic in exposing this
Just like that: How the Tory magic trick was done.
Martin Kettle: 'Forget Labour’s troubles: the Tories are the ones to watch
Zoe Williams and Heather Stewart: 'Keir Starmer lays out case for 'radical Labour government'
Ros Wynne Jones: 'Forget the result, we all lost in the most deceitful election in living memory'
Denis Staunton in Brussels, Pat Leahy in Brussels: Brexit summit: EU accepts united Ireland declaration
Hillary Clinton: Britain is on the path to fascism
Rafael Behr: How long will it take Boris Johnson to betray his new friends in the north?
Jonathan Freedland: This is a repudiation of Corbynism. Labour needs to ditch the politics of the sect
leftinnewzealand: Britain dutifully bows down to the ruling elite.x
Marina Hyde: This was a stunning victory for the bullshit-industrial complex
Jolyon Maugham: How cowed judges could let Boris Johnson break the law
How Boris Johnson's landslide election victory will affect Brexit, house prices and the UK economy
Will Hutton: Unions colluded in the fiction that Corbyn’s plan was going to win power
Paul Mason: Politicians who see 'the North' as a single homogeneous place are making a huge mistake
Professor Chris Grey: What would ‘getting Brexit done’ mean?
Felicity Lawrence, Rob Evans, David Pegg, Caelainn Barr and Pamela Duncan: How the right’s radical thinktanks reshaped the Conservative party
Toby Helm and Michael Savage: Johnson ‘will have to call second referendum if he fails to win majority’’
Andrew Rawnsley: There’s no more deceptive slogan of this campaign than ‘get Brexit done’
Nicola Sturgeon: Trident, austerity and independence: SNP sets out aims for post-election talks
Frances Ryan: There’s already a class war – and it’s the Conservatives who are waging it
The civil servant: Many civil servants are depressed – including me. Brexit will do that to you
Paul Waugh: Will Jeremy Corbyn Really Be Barred From Becoming PM In A Minority Labour Government?
Matt Honeycombe-Foster: Tony Blair says Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are 'peddling fantasies' as election looms
Dan Sabbagh: How People's Vote collapsed after Roland Rudd's boardroom coup
Gordon Brown warns of years of division after Brexit and rise of nationalism
Peter Oborne : It’s not just Boris Johnson’s lying. It’s that the media let him get away with ity
The lies, falsehoods and misrepresentations of Boris Johnson and his government.
Matthew D'Ancona : If Boris Johnson is victorious, it will be the fault of an opposition in disarray
Ben Gelblum: Brexit Party candidates: Nigel Farage is finished as a politician, Tory deal is a ‘disgrace to politics’
Polly Toynbee: Farage’s Brexit move means a pact among progressives is now urgent
Nick Boles: Appalling Choice contest must start the process of building something new
John Harris: In the Tory heartlands of the commuter belt, remainers may revolt
Matthias Bergmann: My grandfather was a Nazi. I’ve seen why we need the EU
John Bercow: David Cameron thinks he is born to rule
Lucky Tran: Firehosing: the systemic strategy that anti-vaxxers are using to spread misinformation
Phillip Inman: ‘The hidden fight for the City could drive Leave voters towards Faragee’
Peter Reid/Andy Hunter: ‘I told Boris Johnson he was a fat, lying disgrace’
Marina Hyde: Lurching and rambling, Boris Johnson is in charge. But he’s lost control
John Crace: Farage is the homeopathic politician: he has a memory of an idea but no trace
Heather Stewart, Jennifer Rankin and Lisa O'Carroll: Johnson accused of misleading public over Brexit deal after NI remarks
Ian Dunt: Wave of scandal: The Tory party is becoming a sewer
John Bercow: Brexit is UK's biggest mistake since second world war
Tom Eden: Brexit 'could mean border checks between England, Scotland and Wales'
William Keegan: Remember: it’s austerity, not Europe, that broke Britain
John Rentoul: Boris Johnson has got the election he wanted – thanks to Jo Swinson
Polly Toynbee: Even if the Tories win an election, they’ll be finished
John Crace: Welcome to another daylong Commons edition of Pointless’
Hugo Dixon: Even with a three-month extension, we still face a no-deal Brexit. We must have a Final Say’
Michael Hogan: Anti-Brexit activist Steve Bray: ‘This is my first protest – it’s lasted two years’
George Monbiot Why ‘the will of the people’ is a myth in British democracy
John Crace: Rees-Mogg breaks broken news to a horrified house
Nicola Bartlett: Boris Johnson can't explain why workers' rights have vanished from Brexit deal
John Crace: Not even the PM's narcissism can protect him as cracks show
Rafael Behr: Remain is now a political identity that will shape Britain long after Brexit
Nick Cohen: Meet Dominic Slack-Oxley: the biggest source of fake news in Britain
Phil Burton-Cartledge: How did the ERG go from hating any Brexit deal to loving Boris Johnson’s?
Rob Merrick: Tactical voting by Remain supporters could defeat 60 Tories and end Boris Johnson’s reign at snap election, poll indicates
Jonathan Freedland: Don't buy the hype: Boris Johnson's Brexit deal did not win approval
Skwawkbox: ohnson’s deal has numbers to pass tonight – here’s why he may well come to regret it
Polly Toynbee: Labour MPs who help Boris Johnson to victory will not be forgiven
Gina Miller: Legal experts know that Boris Johnson's EU deal still doesn't cut it – here's why
Matthew Parris: Labour MPs risk being Brexit’s useful idiots
The Guardian view on the Brexit vote: bin this bad deal
Sara Gordon: Sara Gordon: ‘Brexit is Stripping Away Our Rights’
Rafael Behr: Deal or no deal Britian sowing seeds of future confrontation with the EU
Martin Kettle: At first, I accepted Brexit. Now it’s become clear that we must not leave the EU
David Barnett:: The old lie: our eldest generation backs Brexit
Polly Toynbee:: This sham of a Queen’s speech could prove the end for Boris Johnson
Toby Helm: Labour remainers warn leave MPs: don’t help Johnson win his Brexit deal
Polly Toynbee: Johnson’s desperate for a general election, but he faces an unpleasant surprise
Peter Kellner: Everyone says they know what the public think about Brexit – here’s the polling data that tells you who’s right
Simon Wren-Lewis: We have all been cornered into a no-deal Brexit that will harm millions
Katya Adler: The end for negotiations in Brussels?
Gavin Sheridan: How Britain’s dark history with Ireland haunts Brexit
Bonnie Christian : 'It's okay to change your mind': Meet the Leave voters who have radically changed their views on Brexit
Will Hutton: There is only one route out of the Brexit maze and Jeremy Corbyn must lead the way.
Otto English: The Mask Slips and the True Face of Populism Reveals Itself
Matthew D'Ancona: Promising a ‘quick fix’ on Brexit has always been a monstrous con
John Crace: Lazy Boris Johnson shows he is the man for the small occasion
The civil servant: We’re not ‘traitors’ or ‘remoaners’ – but this is a dark time to be a civil servant
John Crace: Tory Eurosceptics bring some fire to a drugged-up party conference
Sean O'Grady: This is the beginning of the end for Boris Johnson’s short, brutal, unhappy premiership
John Crace: 'Incredible Sulk's anger is compounded by ranting of Geoffrey Cox
Nazia Parveen, Steven Morris and Severin Carrell: 'We didn't ask for this mess': voters react to Johnson's court defeat
Jasper Jackson: A digital campaign was launched attacking the Supreme Court within minutes of its ruling
The Guardian view on Boris Johnson: guilty but he won’t go
John Crace: Nothing spoils a crisp fall morning like a supreme court ruling
George Monbiot's blog: The need to protect the internet from 'astroturfing' grows ever more urgent
English people living in Wales tilted it towards Brexit, research finds
Sir Paul McCartney weighs in on Brexit debate
John Crace: Legal defence of prorogation crashes, burns and then fades into silence
Jon Henley: Bettel's anger highlights a bleak truth: the EU27 just wants Britain to go
Laura Kuenssberg: What does 'podiumgate' say about chances of a deal?
Jolyon Maugham: The flaw in the Benn Act
Adam Boulton: Sky Views: Second Brexit vote would pull Boris Johnson out of the quagmire
Harriet Sherwood: How did my far left ex-boyfriend swing so far that he’s now in Farage’s party?
Luke McGee : Boris Johnson is trapped in a Brexit prison he helped build
Heather Stewart : Hopes of clean break with EU are nonsense, says ex-Brexit official
Ian McConnell: BMW talks reality as Johnson camp veil slips to reveal truth of Brexit
The Guardian view on Yellowhammer: the ugly truth about a no-deal Brexit
Joe Humphreys: Richard Dawkins: ‘Brexit is now a religion. They don’t mind if they destroy the country’
Chris Bovey: Facebook restricting organic reach of pro-EU pages
Colette Browne: 'Brexiteers are learning their stereotype of the Irish as drunken, idiotic apes is somewhat off the mark'
How bad is Boris Johnson? We can’t even find the words
Matthew Parris: Don’t blame Boris Johnson for the Tory meltdown
Larry Elliott: The flat UK economy still points to a Boris Johnson election victory
The Guardian view on the world and Brexit: rue Britannia
John Crace: Amber Rudd reaches tipping point after being taken for a mug
Jenni Russell: The ‘Political Anarchist’ Behind Britain’s Chaos
John Crace: Clown Prince Johnson cowers in the face of the Rebel Alliance
Will Hutton: The sheer scale of the crisis facing Britain’s decrepit constitution has been laid bare
Martin Fletcher: Boris Johnson, the great attention-seeker
Guy Verhofstadt: The Battle for Britain
Gordon Brown: The EU will 'withdraw' deadline for Brexit and remove no-deal option
The civil servant: Here in no-deal ops, we know vandalism when we see it. And this is it
Simon Murphy: Then and now: what senior Tories say about proroguing parliament
Heather Stewart in Biarritz and Rowena Mason: Brexit: shutting down parliament 'gravest abuse of power in living memory'
Gaby Hinsliff:: Johnson’s plan for ‘Brexit heroes’ in the Lords will reverberate for years to come
Peter Reid: Everton legend Peter Reid hammers Boris Johnson over 'class war' Brexit
Jonathan Freedland: There’s an idea that could transform Britain – but Brexit won’t let it be heard
Leonid Bershidsky : Merkel Didn't Give Johnson 30 Days to Fix Brexit
Xenophobic bullying souring lives of East European pupils in UK
Poppy Trowbridge: Tory MPs face a crisis of career, conscience and credibility over no deal ’
Ellie Mae O’Hagan: The real consequence of a no-deal Brexit is not short-term shock – it’s a long recession ’
‘There’ll be violence on the streets of Northern Ireland by Christmas’
Tom Peck: At Boris Johnson’s first ever ‘People’s PMQs’, it took the prime minister less than 10 seconds to start lying
Dr T. Huw Edwards,: I have a trade deal in my pocket, and I’m prepared to use it!