Same old populist mantra

Building a global, outward-looking, confident Britain. Building a great, rich American.

Standing on a podium spouting all this, but never any practical indication how it will be achieved.

We will be great, we will be rich, all your dreams will come true, I promise you.

It’s a hard Brexit

No major surprise, but TM’s speech dashes any lingering dreams of a miracle. Britain will be pulling out of the Single Market, Customs Union, will no longer be making a contribution to the EU, and there will be a clampdown on immigration from Europe.

A very sad day.

TM thinks Britain is an equal partner to the EU27

British delusion knows no bounds. Theresa May wants Britain to be an equal partner with the EU27. This windy island on the north west periphery of Europe is an equal partner to the rest of Europe? Does TM think that Britain is a superpower like the USA or China? Or perhaps that there is still an empire? It seems that major part of the Brexit problem (the other being xenophobia) is this wholly unrealistic vision of what Britain is. And it starts at the top down to every little Englander waving a flag and saying that the British lion is roaring again

Britain playing zero sum game

Britain is playing a zero sum game. By enticing companies to come to the UK with tax breaks and other concessions, it is undermining the economy of every other country in Europe. Do the British really think that the the Europeans are going to let Britain get away with being an offshore tax haven and taking away their business?

The UK has been caught up in a wave of Brexit madness from the very top to the bottom. A nation living in a fantasy world: